Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

When it comes to planning a wedding, everyone’s expectations for entertainment are always really high. Sure, photobooths and fireworks are fun, but what if you want to be really unique? Check out our round-up of the best stand out wedding guest entertainment ideas.



Date Night Jar

Banish the wedding blues by asking your wedding guests to provide date night ideas for newlyweds. All you need is a jar with card or popsicle sticks and a pen for them to write their best ideas on. Married life is sure to be full of fun!


Fire Performers

Sure, fireworks are great, but amp up the wow-factor to your wedding day and hire fire breathers to perform at your reception. Guests of all ages will be thrilled by their amazing, exciting (and sometimes dangerous!) routines and tricks.



Photo Scavenger hunt

How about creating a photo scavenger hunt for your guests to complete throughout the day? From a snap of the bride’s beautiful dress to a group selfie, it’ll bring out everyone’s competitive sides. You could get them to upload their pictures to Instagram using your wedding hashtag that is integrated to your wedding website.



Wheel Of Fun

Putting a wheel of fun somewhere in your wedding reception will keep your guests entertained for hours. It could be a DIY project, and  add little dares and challenges.



Ice Cream Stall

Everybody loves ice cream, so if you’re hosting a retro-inspired wedding day, why not hire an ice cream cart to pop up at your reception?



Wedding Table Games

Avoid small talk and awkward conversations between your guests who don’t each other quite so well by putting wedding table games out at your reception. Include tasks and questions like “tell a funny story about the groom” or “what is your nickname for the bride” etc.




There are few things more entertaining than magic. It’s a skill that really gets the mind working, and your guests will be determined to figure out the secret behind the trick! Have your magician wander around as your guests are enjoying their reception drinks to perform tricks.


Casino Tables

Bring the glitz and the glamour of Las Vegas to your wedding day by putting casino tables out at your wedding reception.


Street Food Trucks

If you’re struggling to know what food to serve to your guests in the evening, keep them entertained with street food trucks. It’s a great idea for a festival-style wedding! From tacos to burgers and pizzas, there are so many cool food trucks you could choose from, and we are seeing a lot of new food trucks popping up in Ghana now!




We’ve all endured a bit of drunk karaoke in our time and loved every bit of it, right? Bring all the fun with a surprise karaoke session to your wedding with a pop-up karaoke booth. Your guests will love it.




Give guests a wonderful keepsake of your wedding by hiring a caricaturist. Everyone will love this unique finishing touch to your big day, and you’ll have all guests – old and young – queuing up for their turn!

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