2020 Wedding Cake Trends

Still undecided on your cake design? We’ve rounded up the most notable cake trends of 2020 for some dessert inspo.


Edible Flowers

Love the idea of covering your wedding cake in flowers but don’t want to work with sugary petals or faux blooms? Well, you’re in luck, this is the year of edible flowers. Not flowers made of chocolate, fondant, or sugar but actual blooms that you can eat. We love how they look pressed into buttercream, and we suggest embracing this trend if you’re having a garden wedding.





Hand Painted Cakes

Think ethereal textured floral patterns made using palette knife painting. Think watercolour paintings, absract art paintings…..basically, make your cake a work of art!




Sculpted Elements and Super Texturized Cakes

If you love sleek and chic designs, this 2020 wedding cake trend will be right up your alley. The base of this one is simple – just a simple layer of buttercream or fondant that lets the sculpted element steal the spotlight. As for the showpiece, it can be absolutely anything you want. From an abstract design created with rounds of chocolate to a grand floral sugar sculpture, you can really let your imagination go wild with this one.



Now, mix and match designs aren’t really anything new, but in 2020, bakers are expected to be taking them to the next level with bolder patterns and textures. We love how this one blends several different rosette patterns with a watercolour tier, and a shag rug texture on the bottom. If we were going to sum the whole thing up into just a few words, it would be “the more texture, the better”.


Ferns and Botanicals

This wedding season, many bride and grooms have traded flowers for ferns as decoration for their cake. In place of the pastel petals are crisp, elegant, green leaves, which add a new dimension to its shape and colour. This cake trend is ideal for a modern wedding, to help create a natural and clean colour palette.




Square single tier

Single tier cakes have been rising in popularity over the past few years. This should come as no surprise as small weddings and micro weddings are also popular (less people = less cake). However, the single-tier is getting a revamp for 2020, instead of a round shape, bakers are going with crisper lines and favouring square designs. These are great for all event styles, but especially minimalist celebrations.




Vegan and Gluten Free

Vegan and gluten-free wedding cakes are rising in popularity, even for those without food allergies or dietary restrictions. These confections can taste just as good as wheaty, buttery recipes (if you find the right baker), so why not sample some out? P.S. Choosing this option will ensure that most (if not all) of your guests can enjoy your dessert.





All photos taken from Pinterest.com

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