4 Bachelorette Party Games you Have To Try!

We’ve all been to bachelorette parties and played the games right? Yeah,they’re fun, but surely there are other games…..right? It actually seems like there are only a handful of bachelorette party games, so we challenged ourselves to find a few more. Here’s what we found!


A Scavenger Hunt

The perfect game for a night on the town. The good news is, you can instantly download pre-made bachelorette party scavenger hunt lists right off Pinterest. Think of it as a to do list of dares each of you have to tick off your list and provide photo evidence for.


Sculpt The Cucumber Into A Penis

What’s a bachelorette party without a penis game right? Basically put a tablecloth down on the table and pass out a bunch of random tools, like a plastic knife, vegetable peeler, etc., to each girl to carve out the perfect cucumber penis. Set a timer and each 15 (or 30) seconds that passes, each girl passes her given tool to the left. Once all the tools have been passed and the total time is up, everyone votes to see who has the most realistic looking penis.


A Panty Party

For this game, each girl on the guest list should bring a pair of unwrapped panties (new ones please – THIS GOES WITHOUT SAYING LOL!) for the bride that is reflective of her own personality. All the panties get hung on a clothesline type thing (or however you can manage it) and the bride has to guess which girl gave her which pair of panties. Choose to turn this into a drinking game if you like—it’s a fun way to shower the bride and get some good laughs at the same time. Don’t forget, the panties need to be the brides size!


Prosecco/Bra Pong

Beer Pong, but make it fashion. This glamorous take on a frat-party classic is always a huge hit. Just replace red plastic cups with chic coupette glasses and beer with your favorite bubbles, and see which team can get the most pong balls in their opponents’ glasses. Just don’t forget to account for the fact that these glasses are shallower than the usual cups when taking aim.

You could also replace the prosecco glasses with bras. Stick them to a board and try to get the pong balls in the cups!


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