4 Reasons To Have A Courthouse Wedding

Full on white wedding or courthouse signing? It really does depend on a lot of things, but it mostly depends on YOU! In times like this you might be wondering what your alternatives are especially if you don’t want to wit another day to get married! We thought we would highlight a few reasons why a courthouse wedding might not be that bad.


1. Saves Money

Extravagant ceremonies can be overwhelming for your schedule and also for your wallet!  A big, elaborate wedding is not the only way to celebrate your big day. You and your partner will still be ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ and a certificate of proof will be still be issued to you. It’s still a civil, legal procedure. The aim is to be married, right?


2. Less stressful

Sometimes planning a big wedding with a long guest list can get a bit much,especially when you feel the need to please everyone. With a court wedding, you only have to invite a few close family members and friends and after the registry session probably just head out for a small reception somewhere. A lot of headaches saved.

3. It’s fast

Courthouse weddings are quite fast, compared to church or traditional weddings. There are no long sermons and songs in court, no crowds, and definitely no noise. In and out and you’re done (about 10 minutes). Now you may say that isn’t very romantic, but if you’re not a particularly romantic couple, that may suit you just fine!


4. No Dress Codes

Getting married at the courthouse means you can wear something that isn’t a white gown; there are no strict dress codes. (But let’s be decent, please!)

Let us know if there is anything we missed and if you’ve had a courthouse wedding, we would love to know how that went!

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