9 Instagram Worthy Bachelorette Party Ideas!

If you’re looking for out-of-the-box bachelorette party ideas, we’ve got a list of themes you might not have thought of! Make it a night the bride and her besties will never forget with fun-filled memories!



Beach Party

Sounds pretty heavenly if you ask me! Throw some towels, sunscreen, drinks, sunglasses, music and your favorite suit into a beach bag and hit the beach with all of your favorite women in your life!


Group Picnic

Call #AEAvendor @picnicsbyelles and spend a chill night under the stars with your squad! Trust us, this experience is full of instagramable moments!


Tea Party

For a bride-to-be that likes fancy dresses and fine China, you can’t go wrong with a bachelorette tea party! Gather up the girls and get to cheers-ing with tiny teacups, delectable scones and finger sandwiches. When it comes to classy bachelorette parties, you cant beat this!


Bar Crawl

The beauty of pub crawls is that they are easy to plan out and are so diverse that no one will be bored! Pick out your route before your embark, and save it on your phone so your soon-to-be intoxicated self won’t get lost! Don’t forget to give your bride a list of tasks to complete by the end of the night!


Slumber Party

This is seriously the best idea ever. Getting a hotel room for a movie night (or weekend) is the perfect way to slumber party. You can be as messy and lazy as you want to be when you’re watching movies because you’re in a hotel room! Buy all of your favorite snacks,  have some great food delivered and pig out!


Cooking Class

We stan a good cooking class, girl! Food brings people together, and that statement is best proven by the simple fact that cooking classes are always a good time for everyone! Learn how to make a great dish and laugh as you and your friends attempt together. #AEAvendor @soca_gh holds regular classes taught by professional chefs! Or you could just book for a private class!



We LOVE karaoke. Push everyone out of their shells with their favorite songs and some good alcohol! Karaoke can last for hours and always provides the perfect opportunity for some hilarious memories! Check out @signaturekaraokeservices for all your karaoke needs!


Wine Tasting

A bachelorette party without booze? LOL! Step your wine game up with #AEAvendor @saiwinecafe ‘s exquisite wine tastings! Book a private tasting or join in on their many events!


Spa Day

We know you’ve heard of this bachelorette party idea before and you’re probably so sick of reading how GREAT of an idea it is, but it’s because it honestly is such a good option. Everyone has a good time, and there’s more than enough time after a good spa day to hit the town and go a little crazy!

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