How To Plan Your Honeymoon On A Budget


While everyone tends to believe that a honeymoon is a time for luxury, relaxation, and a little lavish spending, not all brides and grooms are able to afford to go all out after hosting a huge party for their family and friends. Not only are wedding costs rough, but couples are marrying later in life and have added financial burdens. But that doesn’t mean the honeymoon should be skimped on. Here are some tips to help you plan that honeymoon you deserve without breaking the bank!

1. Set Your Priorities

First, figure out your honeymoon priorities: What are you most excited about? Which aspects of this vacation are non-negotiable for you, and what can you live without? If dreamy accommodations are the most important to you, consider staying somewhere local (or at least domestic) so you can allocate your budget to enjoying luxe rooms and the spa rather than round trip international flights. If exploring a far away place is what you’ve always wanted, focus your funds less on the hotel (especially if you know you’ll hardly be there) so you have more in your pocket to afford really experiencing the destination.

2. Work With a Travel Agent

For one-stop, stress-free planning, a travel agent is it. They know how to save you money with air/hotel or fly/drive/hotel packages. It’s their job to be in the know about last-minute or ongoing sales, and they can offer the wisdom gained from years of travel experience. For savings at sea, call an agency that specializes in booking cruises. And let the travel agent know your priorities so they can figure out exactly what to cut and keep from your itinerary.


3. Use Your Registry

The easiest way to ask guests to chip in on the honeymoon is to create a cash registry using the Always Ever After Honeymoon Fund, which makes it incredibly easy for guests to contribute set amounts towards your honeymoon!

4. Go During a Destination’s Off-Season

Choose a honeymoon location or cruise with an off-season (or shoulder-season—aka the period right before and after peak season) that coincides with your travel dates. You’ll almost always notice drastic price drops along with way fewer crowds.



5. Book Early

Booking early guarantees that all the inexpensive rooms won’t be sold out. On cruises (becoming very popular btw),which announce their itineraries 10 to 14 months in advance, it also means savings of more than to 50 percent. On the flip side, if a ship is under-booked, you may snag a last-minute deal up to eight weeks before sailing (although you may have a limited choice of cabins).

6. Think Local

Yes, you can still have a wonderful honeymoon in Ghana. Turn a long drive into a road-trip adventure by planning some sightseeing stops along the way. Your honeymoon is about you and your husband, so don’t let the pressure of social media get to you!



7. Play The Honeymoon Card

Make sure to mention it’s your honeymoon when booking! Anything from upgrades to a complimentary bottle of champagne is possible!

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