How To Take The Perfect Ring Selfie

Sometimes, you gotta show off your bling. Are you having issues with taking the perfect ring selfie? fingers looking someway? Angles not working? Maybe these tips will help!


Give Yourself a Manicure

Girl, this is SO IMPORTANT! You want your beautiful ring to be the focus of the photos, not your chipped nail polish and ragged cuticles. A nice, nude polish is always a safe choice, but don’t be afraid to choose a bold color that reflects your personality either. You can also add an accent, like a crystal or an overlay, on your ring finger to really make it pop. Make sure to moisturize your hands right before the picture, and try this trick for picture-perfect hands: Hold your hand up and count to 12 before moving into the perfect position; your veins won’t pop out as much. This is a longtime trick of hand models!


Remove Your Other Jewelry

Don’t make your engagement ring compete for attention. Also, other jewelry can impact how the size of your stone looks.  This goes for watches, too — a watch with a large face can make the ring appear smaller than in reality based on the mismatched proportions.

Choose the Right Lighting

Soft, natural lighting will make your ring look its best. Did your fiancé propose at night over a candlelit dinner? Save your ring selfie for the next day. “The best light is outside on a cloudy day or after 4 p.m., when you get the benefit of natural light without the harsh shadows.


Play With Your Angles

Don’t love the way your hands look in pictures? Instead of a head-on shot, angle your hand to the side, which puts more focus on your ring. Also, make sure you’re showing your ring at its best. What makes your ring unique? Maybe the center stone is captivating; maybe the setting has a special detail that must be shared. Experiment with different angles to show off your ring’s personality.


Steady Your Hands

It’s especially hard with a cell phone to keep the camera perfectly still while taking a picture. Get rid of the blur by supporting both of your elbows on something strong and taking advantage of your camera’s burst mode, which snaps up to 10 frames per second so that you can then choose which one came out best.


Don’t rely on auto-focus; on an iPhone, focusing is as simple as tapping the screen right over your ring. Correcting the focus instantly makes your photos look more professional.


Don’t Zoom

You’ll compromise photo quality by using the zoom feature on your phone. Instead, hold the camera at half an arms length to get the best shot, then crop it closer after you’ve taken it.


Pay Attention to your Background

Sure your ring is the main focus, but having an eye-catching background doesn’t hurt either. Did the proposal happen on the beach during sunset? Get that shot! Another great idea is having your significant other in the picture. Some examples would be your fiance jumping in the air in the background while you hold up your hand or they could lovingly hold your hand. It’s their moment too!

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