Planning Your Wedding? Read This First!

Planning a wedding can be hectic. Where to start? Is there some sort of guide? Well you’re in luck! We sat down with Abokuma Ellis of Purple Twirl (@purpletwirlevents) and she dropped some gems! Here’s a guideline on where to start with planning the wedding of your dreams!



Confirm your date

This is the most important step because you literally cannot book anything without a date; vendors, venue etc. Think about what time of year you want your wedding to be; peak season? Off peak? Consider the church calendar if you want a church wedding as there are some days you can’t get married on. (eg. Lent)

Something else to consider is who you want at your wedding. Are there some people that absolutely need to be there? It’s a good idea to check if they are available before you pick a date!

Also keep the Homowo season in mind as there is a ban on drumming and dancing in effect for a few months during the year.

Lastly, take the weather into consideration. If you want an outdoor wedding, you might want to pick a date in the drier months.


Set a budget

Setting a budget is MAJOR KEY! How much money do you really have to spend? Who is paying for the wedding? Buy a wedding notebook and make a list of all wedding areas . Set an amount on how high you are willing to go in each section.

Tight budget? Look over your list and decide on areas you can cut expenses.



You most likely have an idea of the general feel you want your wedding to have. Picking the right venue to match your vision is essential. Is your wedding going to be held outside of Accra? That could affect which vendors you use. Do you want a hotel venue? Indoor? Outdoor? Garden venue? There are so many options but look at as many venues as you can before settling on one!



Research, research, research! Be prepared for countless hours of scrolling through Instagram, Google searches, DMs and phone calls! It can get a little overwhelming, but you have your notebook and list, you can do this! You can also make contact with a wedding planner to help guide you along this process! Think cake, bouquets, catering, car rental, photographers etc! Don’t forget to ask vendors if your date is available and make a deposit as soon as you can to make sure they are booked for your special day!


Once your vendors are booked, you can start thinking of the little details. What time does the wedding start? How do you want the ceremony to go? What types of flowers would you like? What about your centerpieces? Now is the time to create a Pinterest board and start dreaming!


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