9 Things To Include In Your Bridal Clutch

It’s your wedding day! It’s best to pack light for the day. You dont want to be dragging around a giant bag filled with stuff that will  weigh you down and ruin your overall bridal lewk. Instead, you want to hold on to just the essentials that you’ll need to use and keep close throughout the day. Here’s what made the cut for your bridal clutch!




1. Lipstick/Lip Balm

Pack your favorite lipstick and lip-gloss or lip balm so that you can touch up your makeup when you’re on the go, whether it’s between photos or right after the ceremony kiss. Some makeup artists will give you the lipstick colour they have used on you to touch up with. Don’t forget to return it please!




2. Tissues/A Handkerchief

You can never have too many tissues near you on the wedding day. Instead of stuffing them somewhere in your dress, keep them in your bridal clutch instead. Hand some to your bridesmaids and maid-of-honor so that you have back-up tissues nearby too.


3. Painkillers

In case you get a sudden headache, keep a packet of painkillers that work for you in your bag. You may want it close by if the night is starting to feel long and the combination of the loud music and everyone’s voices start to make your head hurt.


4. Fashion tape

For any and all fashion emergencies, have fashion tape packed. If your straps break or your dress starts to get loose, you’ll have a quick fix for the dress of your dreams.


5. A pair of  flats

Pack a pair of foldable flats if you have them. You’ll want to bring an extra pair of shoes to change into when your feet start to ache or you feel a blister coming on.




6. Your phone and A power bank

The phone is pretty obvious, but instead of scrambling around looking for a way to charge your phone before the end of the night, make sure to bring a fully charged power bank along with you.


7. A hair tie

After pictures are done and you’re enjoying yourself on the dance floor, you may want to do a sudden change with your hair to get it off your face.



 8. Safety Pins

From the second you put your wedding dress on, you’ll be moving nonstop, all day long. Make sure you have a few safety pins in your clutch so that your maid of honor or your mom can quickly fix anything unexpected.




9. Powder or Blotting Paper

This is especially important for outdoor weddings in Ghana where the temps are high. No matter how on-point your makeup is, you’ll be dancing and most likely sweating (unfortunately). To look your best and avoid any unwanted sheen in pictures, have blotting papers or powder available for touch-ups.

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