Answering Your Bridal Fitness Questions With @bestbodybybry


So your wedding’s coming up, but waakye also life. What to do? How to you get rid of tummy fat? How can you eat better? So many questions before the big day! We’ve teamed up with Bryanne from @bestbodybybry for this blog post! You sent in your fitness questions and here she is dropping ALL the keys!

Q : Is it worth getting a personal trainer?

Bryanne : This depends on your level of motivation and experience exercising. Firstly, if you feel like you need someone to motivate you through a workout and push you, a trainer would definitely come in handy. Some people find it easy to motivate themselves while others may need that extra accountability from someone else and that’s completely fine as well. It’s about being honest with yourself and the level of motivation you feel you have and then moving from there. Secondly, I would recommend a personal trainer to anyone who is a beginner. If you have no idea how many times you should work out ahead of your big day, what exercises you need to do or how to do them, then you should 100% get a trainer. This ensures that you’re not wasting your efforts on ineffective workouts. A personal trainer will also help you to switch up your routines closer to your wedding day to ensure you keep progressing, avoid getting bored and achieve your goals.


Q : How do I gain healthy weight and look snatched?

Bryanne : The healthiest way to gain weight is, firstly, through good nutrition. It’s important to avoid overly processed foods as well as foods high in sugar and fat. These types of foods turn into fat in your body more easily than other foods are not the best for your overall health. It’s important to increase calories of foods such as tubers, wholegrains, lean protein, fruit and vegetables. Secondly, building muscle is also an effective way to gain weight. Building muscle through weight lifting ensures that the extra calories you’ll be consuming show on your body as lean tissue as opposed to flabby fat. Weight lifting also helps you to mould and shape your body into the snatched figure you’re aiming for!



Q : How do I get rid of back folds and get a snatched waist?

Bryanne : It’s important to note, firstly, that it’s not possible to target specific areas of fat on your body for weight loss. What you can do, however, is start with diet. Cutting down on sugary foods, fatty foods and excess calories will help you to lose weight overall and hopefully lose weight in your back/waist area. Exercise will also be key here. Performing cardio through walking, jogging, sprinting or using cardio machines in the gym helps to burn excess fat on your body. In addition to cardio, you can perform exercises such as push-ups, weighted side bends, lateral pull downs and other weighted back exercises. Working out your upper body with weights will help to target the sides of your body, giving the illusion of a slimmer waist.



Q : I never have time to work out because of my work schedule. What can I do?

Bryanne : Like I always says to my clients, there’s always time, you just have to make it! Most of us in this day and age are busy with our 9-5s, side hustles and other daily responsibilities leaving us feeling exhausted by the end of the day and feeling like we cannot possibly fit in a workout. However, if you know that your big day is coming up and that exercising to achieve your goals would be essential, you have to prioritise workouts at least three times a week even if that means waking up at 4:30am to work out (which is what I do, personally). Here is what you can do:

  • Plan how many times a week you need to exercise and for how long. E.g. three times a week for one hour each
  • Look at your schedule ahead of the week on a Sunday.
  • Decide on which three days you could spare for a workout and slot this in. If your days are completely full, try waking up 1 hour earlier than usual and exercising then. I find that it’s easier to get a workout done early in the morning before you can talk yourself out of it.


Q : Can’t I just focus on eating healthy? Is the exercise necessary?

Bryanne : To start, I would always recommend exercise along with a healthy diet. Even though diet provides the foundation for healthy living, exercise is always essential not just for aesthetic goals but also for a healthy lifestyle overall. In particular, exercise is essential for heart health. This is not to say that you can’t achieve your goals for your wedding without exercise, though. Your diet can help you achieve your goals however exercise would come in useful if for example you have a large amount of weight to lose within a short period of time. The extra calories burned from exercise would help to ensure that you don’t starve yourself in order to achieve your goals.


Q : How many times a week should I work out?

Bryanne : This depends on your goals however I would recommend that you work out between 3-5 times a week. This would ensure that you produce good results. You have to look at a healthy lifestyle holistically. If you only work out two out of seven opportunities in a week and you are sedentary for the rest of the time, your sedentary lifestyle would catch up with you and could have the potential to erase all the efforts you put in during those two workouts. However, if you work out for the majority of the week your body will be given a greater opportunity to work towards achieving your goals and will also speed up the process. So start with three times and depending on your goals, work your way up from there.



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