26 Trendy Wedding Ring Ideas For Men

Men’s wedding rings don’t always get the same attention as women’s rings—but they should. You should choose a wedding ring as unique as you are—one that also looks great and fits your lifestyle.

Common Metals for Men’s Wedding Rings

Gold, platinum, titanium, zirconium, palladium, wood, tungsten carbide and cobalt-chrome are all popular wedding band materials. Tungsten carbide, for example, has an extremely high melting point and scratch-resistant surface, but it’s not technically a metal (it’s a ceramic). Platinum, a classic choice for guys’ rings, is more dense—and therefore, more durable—than gold, but it’s also more expensive. Wood wedding rings are beautiful, organic and tend to be more affordable than metal rings, but they’re not as tough and might not be your best bet if you live an active lifestyle.

How to Choose a Unique Wedding Band

There are few wedding ring details to consider when choosing the perfect band. First, the material—what do you want your wedding ring to be made of? Also think about width. It’s a small detail (and one you may never have considered), but even the simplest wedding band can look completely different in another width. As for style, get inspired by your taste in clothes, profession and hobbies. Do you like the idea of  few small diamonds, a sleek black band or even a motif?

Look through these unique men’s wedding rings to get inspired!





























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