5 Times Being A Bridezilla Is Totally OK


No one likes being called a “Bridezilla” but there are times when you just need to let it out. Planning a wedding can get super stressful and at some point you may need to vent. Here are the few times being a bridezilla is acceptable, and also how to be a TACTFUL bridezilla!


If someone in your wedding party wont stop complaining.

There’s always that one. Someone you thought was a close friend is driving you up crazy with complaints and unwanted comments. If it’s getting too much and is affecting your mood, speak up. It’s supposed to be the happiest time of your life, don’t let that one Debby Downer ruin this experience. It’s important to speak to her in private, however, as opposed to going full bridezilla on her. You don’t want to humiliate her in front of everyone else. Also think carefully about the words you use, as the last thing you need is drama.


If your family is trying to take over everything.

Whether it’s the in-laws or blood relatives, family can instantly become a burden, especially if they’re not chipping in on the bill. Do your best to keep your feelings and their opinions under control from the get-go. Decide what’s worth hashing out and what’s best to let slide (if it’s possible). We know family is generally a sensitive area, so try and establish boundaries from the very beginning.


If something looks differently than you envisioned (and paid for).

There’s nothing more infuriating than when your vendors don’t deliver on something you carefully chose and paid for. The groomsmen attire comes and the sizes are all wrong. The flowers show up and they’re completely wilted. The cake arrives and the frosting is not the right shade. Maddening, yes, but don’t let them see you sweat. Be a diplomat: Explain your concerns (that this isn’t what you specified in the contract- Always sign a contract!) and ask them if there’s anything that can be done to remedy the problem.


If your dress fittings aren’t going right.

There’s so much pressure to have the perfect wedding dress, so if your fittings with your wedding dress designer is not going the way it’s meant to, it’s natural to experience some gown anxiety. We don’t blame you! Be sure to keep all correspondence on decisions taken about the dress so you can point out when things don’t look like what was agreed on.


If guests keep assuming they can bring a plus-one.

No matter how clear you make it, some people just don’t get the memo. If guest after guest keeps asking to bring a date, that’s worth a venting session with your fiancé. But at some point you’ll have to chill out and get in touch with anyone causing you a headache. It’s a total drag, but needs to be done.

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