Bridal Styling Gems With Afua Rida

We’re so excited, guys! You might have seen in our stories that we’re teaming up with a new guest blogger for this post! Drumrolll……It’s Afua Rida! We LOVE her style! Did you know bridal styling was one of the many things she does? Well, we gave you all an opportunity to send bridal styling questions in and here she is to answer them!


AEA Fam : Who is a wedding stylist? What exactly does the job require?

Afua : A stylist is someone who works on the appearance of their client; coordinating their clothing, hair, makeup and accessories. So for your wedding, they would be helping you to pick your wedding dress style, your engagement dress style, the shoes, earrings, to what kind of veil, to even what kind of flowers will match your wedding dress.

AEA Fam : How do i know if I need a wedding stylist?

Afua : You will know if you need a stylist if you are completely clueless about how to put your looks together, how to accessorize and follow the trends. Also, sometimes people just need help organizing themselves. You may be super busy and may need somebody else to think about your appearance for you!


AEA Fam : What should I focus on first when deciding on my personal wedding styling?

Afua : So one of the most important things to think about when you’re deciding your wedding styling is WHERE IS YOUR WEDDING GOING TO TAKE PLACE? If it’s on the beach, if it’s in a grand hall, if it’s in a garden, we need to take that into consideration first. And then we go into what type of body you have and what type of silhouettes would look good on your body, then we go from there!

AEA Fam : Does a stylist help you pick a dress?

Afua : Yes, A stylist definitely helps pick out your dress! In some situations, a stylist will even design the dress for you.


AEA Fam : What is the biggest mistake a bride can make in her styling?

Afua : One of the biggest mistakes i see from brides is them wearing the wrong dress code to their own wedding. As much as it is your day and I do respect what the bride wants, if you were to ask my opinion, I don’t think a ball gown should be on a beach, and neither should a short dress be in a formal banquet hall.

AEA Fam : As a bridal stylist, can you get me a discount with my vendors?

Afua : Yes, with some of the vendors I frequently use are usually open to giving small discounts, but most vendors are open to this; once they understand what your budget is, they are willing to work with it!


P.S. She styles grooms too!

Thank you so much Afua for taking the time out to answer our questions! Guys, go follow Afua if you aren’t already for amazing style content and inspiration!

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