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It is so empowering and refreshing to see us Black women finding beautiful ways to rock our natural hair on a day as important as your wedding. Guest blogger and expert natural hairstylist @3130naturals is here to answer all the questions you sent in!


How far in advance should I book?

When you’re booking vendors for your wedding, its always important to give yourself, i would say, ideally 6 months to make sure that a vendor is available. However, from the moment that you think you want that vendor, I would say book; because people do book ahead of time. For me as a natural hair stylist, I work on a first come, first serve basis, so whoever pays their booking fee first is the person that i give the first priority to.





Do you need a trial session before your wedding?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! You need a trial before your wedding. It’s SO important. I always ask people to send me pictures of their dresses even before we meet for a trail because it helps us to get an idea of styles that will be suited to the dress style. Also, sometimes when you come in for your trail, sometimes you may thing something would look good on you, but when you have your face shape, the hair, the volume and everything come together, it might not be the best for you and you find that something else works better or you may find that you are actually not even a fan of the style on your face. So it’s really important to have a trial.





Should I come with my own style in mind?

Yes, coming with your own style in mind is never a problem. Sometimes it actually helps us as stylists because then, we are able to understand more about your personal style. What I do sometimes is, I send clients a variety of pictures and ask them which ones they like which gives me an idea of their style. Some people are more flamboyant, some are more simple, so there is nothing wrong with having a style in mind. I do think that sometimes though, your should be open to adjusting a little bit if you find that a style isn’t appropriate for you.



How can I prepare my hair for the wedding?

I would say that you should be making sure that you’re having your hair treatments, making sure that your hair is in a healthy state. Even thought extensions can be added, you know, having healthy hair should be important to you from the get go. So it shouldn’t be only the wedding that makes you think about it. A lot of my clients, they start coming in for treatments, for advice on how to take care of their hair, and then it becomes a journey. I’ve actually found that with a lot of my clients that came to me just for the wedding, have now been my clients for 4, 3, 2 years and the relationship is still growing. So definitely taking care of your hair, conditioning your hair, making sure your hair is moisturized, making sure that your hair has enough oils; the balance between protein and moisture is important!






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