Wedding Vendor Etiquette Tips

It’s time to book vendors! Sending messages and emails with enquiries seems simple enough, but here are a few tips to help guide you and get the best responses.




This is for all of you who send vendors (or anyone selling anything, really) things like “Price?” “How much?” Stop that right now. Not only is it rude, it also doesn’t give a good impression of you. Try starting with a friendly greeting, it doesn’t hurt and it guarantees a friendly reply. (this goes for phone calls too)


Send both Messages and Emails

Its important to have records of your interactions on email. Sure, send that Whatsapp or DM, but try to follow everything up with an email, especially financial transactions.



Always Sign Contracts

When you do select a vendor, you should not only have a contract but know what’s in that contract. These contracts should spell out exactly what you want for your wedding, the dates of the vendor will perform the service, and what materials are needed. For example, a contract with your photographer should give a precise date and time when the work should be complete. The agreement should also spell out any special accommodations needed for the vendors such as travel costs and hotel rooms.


Respect their Prices and Procedures

There are reasons vendors charge what they do. Try to understand they are running a business and have overheads. They are also professionals and know what goes into the event, both time, effort and cost wise. Also, if they have a payment policy; deposits, deadlines etc, respect them and pay on time. You can’t get mad if you dont make payment on time and your slot goes. They most likely have other clients also in line to get a slot.




Yes, you need to feed your vendors. This should really go without saying. Your photographer has been on his feet all day for you, the least you could do is give him some sustenance. Same goes for other vendors. Don’t be THAT bride.


Say Thank You

Not much to say on this, but a simple thank you goes a long way. You could just say it, send them a card or gift; up to you. But Thank yous are appreciated! Trust us!


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