How To Make A Mood Board For Your Wedding

Defining your overall wedding style is something you definitely one of the first things you want to do when planning your event. However, with so much inspiration out there, it can be difficult to zone in on one cohesive theme. Creating a mood board for your wedding is a great visual exercise to help you clearly define the look and feel you want to achieve through furniture, flowers and styling. If you’re currently in the early stages of planning your wedding, here are a few simple tips to help you plan and create the perfect mood board for your event.



Start With Words

Although a mood board is a visual tool, It helps to start with words. This is the brainstorming and mind mapping stage. Sit down with your other half, get the creative juices flowing and think outside the box. think about your venue, weather, how you both like to spend your time, what makes you most happy, what it is that you love about each other and how you would like others to remember your day. Sounds weird now, but all these questions will help you to drill down into who you are as people and how best you can represent that on one day. Eventually your aim should be to decide on a series of words, phrases, emotions and ideas that all help to describe the mood and the look that you want to achieve. Some examples are Glamorous, Lush, Cozy, Bohemian,Romantic, Feminine, Industrial, Quirky etc. Feel free to pair some words together for a more accurate description. Keep these words in mind during each of the steps that follow so that whatever decision you are making, you know that you are always capturing what is most important to you!



Compile Your Imagery

Jump on Pinterest and create a wedding board. You could make it a secret board if you want and also share with your fiance or friends if you want their input. Now the trick it to LOOK BEYOND WEDDINGS!  Sure, you’ve seen many gorgeous images of wedding venues, decor and ideas that you may want to try and recreate but the important thing is to recreate it in your own way and not to just copy what has already been done. Nothing unique about that. There should be something that you use as a starting point. Think fabric swatches, colour, texture, even smells. you can also draw inspiration from fashion, art, interiors….



Review and Refine

You should have compiled a reasonable number of images by now for your mood board. Take a step back and to look at them as a whole. Is there consistency? Do they feel like they accurately represent the wedding that you envision? Do they fit together or are there some funny ones that are breaking away from your look? Think about the mood, style and colours. If some of your images are using neon colour tones and others are mostly dusty, pale shades, then you are not going to end up with a very consistent looking wedding mood board.



Your Mood board should include

Your Key Words


Big details (furniture, backdrop, textiles, florals, cake etc)

Small details (candles, tablescapes, string lights, bridal party attire etc)

Remember, for your actual mood board you will only want to include a small selection of images and hopefully you are now able to highlight the ones that blend in with your COHESIVE theme. Feel free to create a digital moodboard with your images in an app. There are numerous moodboard layouts on Pinterest you can look up. You can keep this on your phone or print this out as well if you want!

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