What Is A Micro Wedding & Is It Right For You?

With everything going on in the world right now (thanks, COVID-19) the wedding industry has taken a bit of a hit; both wedding planners and couples are either having to push dates back or cut numbers way down (in Ghana, the new rule is no more than 100 guests). Enter micro weddings; a trend that started some time before Covid-19, but is very apt for the time we are living in.



So what exactly is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding, like its name suggests, will typically include a guest list of up to 50 guests—often immediate family and super-close friends only. Think of a micro wedding as a cross between an elopement and a big, traditional wedding—and it might just be the perfect compromise to suit your style and the time.

“More is not always necessarily more.” “A micro wedding is for the couple who wants to really focus and spend the majority of their budget on the smaller details, whereas it might be difficult to replicate the same experience for, say, 200 guests.”




While a micro wedding can save you money, many couples are turning it into a macro experience. According to The Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average overall guest count was also down, while the average cost per guest went up.  “Couples can certainly save money by going the route of micro weddings, though many decide to actually spend their full budget. Only on less people,” Cove explains. “Some couples will even take their budget and host the hotel rooms for their guests, along with transportation and other items that may not normally be affordable for a larger-size wedding.”

Micro weddings, however, are not the type of occasion where couples should look to cut corners from the beginning. Many couples who throw micro weddings will splurge on a top-shelf open bar and a savory sit-down dinner simply, with intimacy in mind. With a guest list of 35 of your nearest and dearest, a tropical destination weekend wedding, a designer wedding dress or a decadent brunch at a five-star restaurant becomes much more feasible.


How the Traditional Marriage Format Is Evolving

The format of weddings used to be one and done, but the order of events has changed as weddings have evolved into fully personalized experiences. “Marriage in the traditional sense is changing,” says Cove. “Gone are the days when the success of a wedding was directly correlated to its price tag with a wedding that truly didn’t fit your vision as a couple. Big is not always better.”




A smaller wedding and fewer expectations allows you to be more flexible and creative. You’re free to change things up—for example, you won’t feel pressure to include wedding traditions that have never really resonated with you. Also, a teeny, tiny wedding will be easier to coordinate, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You’ll be able to reserve a private space at that top-notch restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, invite your chosen guest list into your tented backyard, or request the presence of your immediate family and besties at a location sentimental to you. “I find that the guests really get to know each other well and spend a good amount of time together,” says Cove. “The clients are able to focus on all of their guests throughout the weekend.”

Though a massive guest list would make for a full and festive party, another potential pitfall is you wouldn’t be able to catch up with everyone there. With a micro wedding, you’ll be able to prioritize spending quality time with each and every loved one at your event. This is one case in which less is totally more. Whether or not you consider yourself a shy person, your dream wedding might be saying “I do” in front of 5 to 10 witnesses you adore, followed by cake and champagne at your favorite restaurant—with no pressure, just love. And you should absolutely do it.




Finally, keep in mind: Having an intimate or large, black-tie or no-tie wedding is ultimately up to you. “I think couples may get worried about trimming their guest list to the micro wedding level,” Cove concludes. “I think it is best that they are honest and relay that they are having an incredibly intimate wedding with their closest family members and friends.”


So what do you think guys? Is a micro wedding for you?

Excerpts of this post are taken from The Knot Blog


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