10 Tips for Choosing The Right Make Up Artist For Your Wedding

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Everyone wants to look amazing on their big day, and your make up is just as important as your dress! But just how do you select your make up artist for your special day? These 10 tips will help you make the right choice, and we’re not talking about your other half.


1. Start early

About eight months prior to your wedding, start taking note of makeup artists and the work they have done. If you’ve recently gone to a wedding and you liked the makeup on the bride, ask for the name of the makeup artist and do some research. You could also create a mood board with a few looks that you like.


2. Reviews matter

Every makeup artist has a track record, so read reviews given by past clients or ask around! (Other brides). From there, you can shortlist the top few makeup artists that you would like to check out.


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3. Try it out

Ask if the makeup artist can do a trial session. After all, your skin is just as important as your big day and you would want to book someone who knows that they are doing!

This is the time to bring your mood board along. Also make sure to schedule your trail earlier in the day do you can see how well the make up lasts all day. Send feedback or photos to the make up artist at the end of the day for review so they know whether to tweak your foundation etc. Trials usually come at a fee, so its important to budget for that.


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4. Examine their products

Some makeup artists like to stick to a particular brand of makeup. If you react to certain brands or dislike the smell or consistency of a product, you need to let them know. This way, both of you can come up with a plan.


5. Don’t forget about your hair

While it can’t always happen, it helps when your makeup artist and hairstylist work together. If possible, schedule a trial session when both stylist and artist can work on you, so that everyone is on the same page.

There are some make up artists who either have a hair styling team as part of their set up or work with a specific hair stylist for weddings, so it doesn’t hurt to ask!


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6. Remember your entourage

Remember to factor in makeup for your bridesmaids, family members, and special guests. Speak to your makeup artist to make sure it’s included in the cost. Your makeup artist needs to know exactly how many other people will be needing her services, so she can decide whether she needs to bring assistants along. If you have a huge entourage, booking a second makeup artist might be helpful.


7. Let them know all the details

Your make up artist needs to know where the wedding is being held (outdoor or indoor) as this might affect the kind of makeup they use on you. They also need to know where you will be getting ready, what time to get there etc. Your wedding planner can help with this.


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8. Prepare the budget and plan B

Always work out a budget before meeting your makeup artist. Its always best to aim for quality. Ask your makeup artist to help you understand what products they will be using, and what exactly you will be paying for. Some brides even book a standby makeup artist in the unlikely event that their key makeup artist cannot turn up on the actual day. While costly, this will give the bride peace of mind and the confidence to know that she has a contingency plan in place.


9. Get to know them personally

Ultimately, you’d want a makeup artist who has a good attitude. Therefore, it’s important to select someone you feel comfortable with and well taken care of by. It is one thing for them to have creative flair, but how professional are they? Do you feel comfortable raising your concerns? Also remember to ask for an agreement/contract so all parties are covered in case things don’t go to plan.


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10. Prepare your skin

No matter how professional or seasoned your makeup artist is, you have to do the necessary things to look the part. Ask your make up artist about a good skin regime. They may be able to recommend products or skin specialists to have your skin glowing and ready for the beat.



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