Introducing The Always Ever After Gift Registry!

A bridal or wedding registry is a list of wedding gifts that an engaged couple has selected in advance. The Always Ever after registry service gives the soon to be bride and groom a chance to go crazy and make the ULTIMATE wish list! Guests then can select and buy a gift that they know the couple truly wants and will cherish. Here are a few things to expect!



Furnish your new life together

Moving in with your partner is an exciting time! A new house or apartment needs new things! Even if you were living together before you got married, you might need an upgrade of certain important things. Your registry will make sure you are gifted exactly what you want and avoid ending up with 5 blenders!


Group Gifting

Eyeing a specific piece of furniture that you think may be too expensive to ask guests to buy? List it anyway! Our registry features a group gifting feature where guests can contribute towards your big gift!



Price Ranges

The Always Ever After Gift Registry stocks items that cover all price points! Shop Bed & Bath, Furniture, Home Décor and lots more from your favourite brands!


Cash Gifts

Prefer to receive just cash gifts? No problem at all! Your guests can easily leave a cash gift and you can be sure it will get to you. No more uncertainty!



Experience Gifts

Gifts don’t always have to be physical things. Explore our range of experience gifts and definitely add one or two to your registry! A romantic picnic for 2, or maybe an intimate paint night for you guys and your closest friends? Think outside the box.


Gift Guides

Not sure where to start? Scroll through our gift guides for some inspiration!




Perhaps you’re going on honeymoon right after the wedding, or maybe you need some time to move your things to your new apartment before furnishing. That’s fine, we can agree on a date for all gifts to be delivered in one go at your convenience!


Starting a life together is such an important move and we’re here to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible!



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