2019 Trends For Grooms With The Walking Closet

What you wear on your wedding day is a reflection of your unique style. Here are some trends that we’ve noticed for 2019…..Guys, get ready!!!



The classic 3 piece suit is back with a vengeance. They transition well from ceremony to reception and are getting a twist with playful patterns which is making menswear more eye catching.



Ties are a contributing factor as well. There are options upon options upon options. You may choose to wear a necktie with a large pattern or a textured bow tie. There is velvet, floral, brights, diamond tip; trust us, there are options!




Cufflinks are being sported to show personality. It can be an inside joke between you and your mates; have fun with them! Everything doesn’t have to be so formal!




Fun colourful socks have been trending for several years. They are easy to find and show personality. You may also have them customized.




Velvet is HUGE! Here is where you can make a statement. Use it big on a luxe dinner jacket or in small doses like shoes and accessories.




Own the moment. No point in being subtle with how you want to look. Button suspenders define the man from the boy, define class from sass.

Remember; the spotlight doesn’t just shine on her. Once you have decided on the formality and vibe of your day, put your twist on it and showcase YOU.





Written by William Wood from @the_walkingcloset

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Photos taken from Instagram, Pinterest, @the_walkingcloset, @musikafrere, @davidson_frere

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