Why You Need A Wedding Website



A wedding  website? What’s that, you ask? Well, in a nutshell, a wedding website is something every modern 21st century couple needs and are reasons why you need an Always Ever After wedding website!



It makes things easier

Your website is the best way to bring all your guests together in one virtual place. You can keep them updated on changes, news, suggest accommodation for out of town guests and even send thank you emails easily after your wedding!



They are customized

At Always Aver After, our goal is to create a site that captures the personalities of you and your partner to be. We work with you on all the details from photos to colour schemes. You can choose to integrate your wedding hashtag, a countdown, have guests post photos, introduce your bridal party and so much more! We can even work with your wedding stationery designer to create a site that matches your invitations!


They are secure

Privacy is important, right? We think so too! With this feature, your guests will have to log in with a password in order to view your site.


Manage your guest list

Have guests coming in from far away? Not sure how many people will actually attend? Keep track of exactly who will be able to make it, so you can be sure you have enough cake and champagne! Guests can post good wishes, share their favourite memories of you etc!


It saves on phone calls

Wedding planning is stressful enough; you don’t need your phone blowing up with guests asking questions about basic information. Share your website address with them and they will hopefully spend a few minutes of their online time visiting the site to have all questions answered!


Tell your story

This is your time to show off your love! Post your pre-engagement photos (let us know if we can help with that!) Tell your guests how you met; his and her stories, hype your wedding as much as you want and give your guests a little teaser before the big day!



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