How To Have A Small Wedding In Ghana

There are so many perks to having a small wedding. Not only does having a fewer number of guests cut down on wedding costs, but it also allows you and your guests to have more intimate social interactions.

Having a small wedding gives you the ability to get really creative with themes and seating charts, allowing you to leave a more personal touch that truly reflects you and your love. You’ll be able to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Of course, we live in Ghana and you may think this feat impossible, but here are some ideas to try out!

Keep the Guest List Short

A small wedding is only small if the guest list is as small as possible.

Still having a hard time paring it down? Ask yourself “Would we have this person and their guest into your home for an intimate dinner or as a weekend house guest? Thinking about how close your relationships are and this will help ensure you are truly comfortable with those you surround yourselves with on your wedding day.


Go for an Alternative Venue

Not having to fit hundreds of guests under one roof means that you are free to get creative with your venue. This will make your day even more sentimental and meaningful.


Sign At The Registry

Avoid the costs of a traditional wedding venue by getting married at the Registry. Be sure to check the maximum number of guests when you are setting your date so you can determine who to invite (and make sure to include your photographer!).


Have a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are smaller in nature since many guests won’t be able to easily attend a wedding that’s far away. Perhaps you and your honey have a location you’re both dying to travel to. If so, this would be the perfect opportunity to cross it off your bucket lists. Plus you won’t need to go far for your honeymoon.


Get Creative With Your Seating Plan

Fewer seats makes it easier to get creative with your seating arrangement. Play with different shapes or top each place setting with a tiny bouquet and a hand-calligraphed place card. Leave room on the table for conversation, lift the flowers up and install an overhead arrangement of florals, moss, and soft lighting.

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